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I have been in the building business for over 40 years. The last 30 have been dedicated exclusively to Woodworking and Interior work. Some of the types of work that are done here;

  • Doors & Entrances. Custom made stave core mortise & tenon house doors. A specialty of Swallows Nest.
  • Hard & Softwoods milled to order.
  • Entertainment Centers, Home Theaters.
  • Cabinets of all types, kitchens, bath and cabinets for other rooms.
  • Finishing of cabinets that we build. All types of sprayed finishes.
  • Custom Casings and Moldings.
  • Curved Casings and Moldings.
  • CAD drawings. Your projects drawn up using our high-end CAD system. 3D drawings available.

If you should choose Swallows Nest for your Woodworking needs you can be assured of competent, quality work. All jobs are drawn up on a CAD system and the plans are submitted for approval. Most millwork is depicted in drawings and/or in samples and approval is required before the parts are fabricated or milled. This lessens the chance of mistakes and misunderstandings. You get what you wanted, I get what I want.

We can supply Stairs fabricated using the housed method.
This creates a stair that is strong, stable and will not squeak.

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