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There are listings of places to ride, how to get there, where to park, who to call and what to expect.

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 Myles Standish State Forest & Wildlife Management Area. This area consists of 15,000 acres, 90 miles of trails and roads with diverse terrain and ecologies. From pine barrens to deep white pine forest, from scrub oak valleys to red pine plantations, it's never boring. Even after 30 years of riding there, a lot, I can still find new trails, or make them! Check out about Horse Camping at Myles Standish!

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Barnstable Conservation Area and the Sandwich Maple Swamp Conservation Area; On Cape Cod, right off the Mid Cape Highway, Route 6, on the Service Road between exits 3 and 4. Plenty of trails, interesting terrain (hilly) and some spectacular views. The Cape has few bugs, is cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter, usually.

Crane Wildlife Management Area. In Falmouth on Cape Cod this area is on Route 151 in the Hatchville Village part of Falmouth. Part of this area is flat with excellent footing. The rest is mountainous, I'm not kidding either! Steep hills, somewhat rocky, excellent views of Buzzards Bay. One of my very favorite places to ride.

Duxbury Town Forest. Located in the Town of Duxbury Massachusetts which is just north of Plymouth. There are only two tiny parking lots but the riding is very nice and it is a different location to go to.

Sandy Neck Beach. Located on Cape Cod in the Town of Barnstable this barrier beach is about 6 miles long and has a trail through the dunes and forest. A georgeous ride, although at $20.00 for a yearly pass, probably the most expensive place to ride I know of. (Everything else is FREE!)

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