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Take a look at some new pictures of "Yogi" and "Stoney", Raisin & Boomer's puppies from December, 2002.


Swallows Nest SilverFox Bruno to be precise!

Check out his pages here

(This is when he was only about 15 months old)


Bruno has his Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog certification, has placed first in many breed shows and does very well at obedience shows.

American Kennel Club breed guidelines. Copied right from the American Kennel Club web site. What qualities to look for in a Mastiff and other information about the breed in general. You should read the AKC guidelines first, then read this book.....

.....Mastiff, Aristocratic Guardian, by dee dee Andersson. A wonderfully written and tremendously informative book on Mastiffs. Everyone interested in English Mastiffs should read this book, especially before you purchase a Mastiff. Order one today through our Book Store.

The puppies of '98 through 2000  Pictures and letters from folks that have puppies from Swallows Nest Farm.



November 16, 2002

We call him Maxwell

December 1, 2002


I think, by his body language that he's saying;

"Enough pictures already!"



Raisin's male puppy looking way too cute!

(He has been sold)

We call him Stoney

He's going to live in Georgia where he will have a salt water dock and his own work boat.

November 16, 2002


Still thinking this is way too much trouble to be putting a little guy through on a Sunday.

Sold, he's going to Long Island.


Raisins female puppy getting her nose tickled.

(Sold, going to live in Rhode Island)

This is "Potpourri" and "Turk" seeing how effective the Bounty packaging is. They are puppies from 1998. I just really like this picture and can't seem to remove it.

We use a ton of Bounty towels when the pups are small.

MARCY is the mother of Hercules, recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as;

The Worlds Biggest Dog in 1999

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