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These are some sites I enjoy checking out when I have time. Some have wonderful educational content. , Horses Site

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 American Cowboy Magazine, the Real New West.


The Pet Arthritis Resource Center ( A very informative site about arthritis in pets. Over 100 articles on treating arthritis and hip dysplasia in pets, the science backing glucosamine, a review of treatments, a pet arthritis newsletter, and much more.

Ever want to travel with your horse(s) and would like to know where to stay? Try this site; This is a site full of horse "motels" and advice.

The HayNet: A comprehensive (large) listing of horse-related Internet sites. More here than is obvious at first, plan on spending some time there.

The Farrier & Hoof care Resource Center.   Excellent source of hoof related information

 Acadia National Park  Information. Acadia is the best place I ever sat a horse, period. Miles of maintained carriage roads, camping and stabling. The only place on the Atlantic Ocean where you can be on a mountain and see the ocean. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you never go anywhere else, go riding at Acadia for at least 3 days!

The Weather Underground, Another great weather service. Free, see link below. Comprehensive data listings.

Click for Middleboro, Massachusetts Forecast

Accuweather , Accurate, concise weather, just like on television. Free & Fee based services. They have an hour by hour forecast that is dead accurate. If it says rain at 3:00 PM, it rains at 3:00 PM!

How Things Work . One of my favorites. Complicated things explained well. Ever wonder why something does what it does, ask at this site. Very interesting reading too.

Barnstable Bat Company, Hand made baseball bats and related items from my good friends Tom & Christine Bednark, and their sons.

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