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Chronicling an extended family, or two!

Including Dwyer, Bissonette, Gundberg (Peterson), Gingras, Eldridge, (Sarkinen, my ex-wife), Parker and way too many others. Who knows, this may lead to a genealogy page. If there is any interest I would be glad to host it. My "Family" now includes the Dwyer's of Middleboro.

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The lady in the pink dress is my Mother, Elsie Leona ((Leonore?)) (Gundberg) Gifford and the man in the white shirt is my Dad, George Thomas Gifford, sr.


The lady in the black blouse is my Aunt Martha Gingras and the man with his arm around her is my Uncle Claude Gingras. Martha is my Mother's sister. The occasion was Claude and Martha's 50th wedding anniversary.

Both George & Elsie are gone now, as is Claude Gingras.

These are all my Parents Grandchildren and one Great Grandchild. This picture was taken sometime around 1984, I think. If anyone knows for sure let me know.


Standing, left to right my daughter Lisa Carol Gifford, my sister Nora and Peter Eldridge's son Scott Eldridge, his brother Robert Eldridge, My sister Christine Haig's son John Haig, my son Adam Matthew Gifford. seated are my son Christopher Thomas Gifford, Nora and Pete' Eldridge's grandson Jeffrey Eldridge and Jeff's mother NoraLee (Eldridge) now ..........., I don't know the dogs name either!

Lisa is now in Knoxville, Tennessee, Chris is in Vail, Colorado, Scott Eldridge is in Hyannis, Massachusetts, Robbie & NoraLee are in the Colchester, Connecticut area and Adam Gifford lives in Dennis, Massachusetts. Jeff has a child of his own now!!!!! John Haig lives in the Worcester area, still.


The Dwyer Family, and then some!


More to come I hope, it's hard to find good pictures and everyone is so spread out.